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7 Renovation Mistakes That Most Homeowners Make

Not having child safety locks on the windowsEnsure you install child safety locks when you decide to change the windows in your place. You may not have children at the moment, but things may change in the future. Actually, it may be hard to install this system later, so it’s best to do it right away. It costs very little but your child will always have fresh air and be safe.

Sharp handlesIt doesn't matter if you found the most beautiful handle that has sharp elements, don’t buy it. It’s easy to get hurt or damage your clothes on these. So when choosing this accessory, comfort should be your first priority. The shape should be round and smooth.

Forgetting a bathtub tiltYour bathtub should be installed at a tilt relative to the drainage if it has a flat bottom. Remember that the tilt should be just about 3° to 5°, you don’t need more. If the bathtub is absolutely level, you will have to make water go down the drain by yourself every single time you use it.

Bathroom ceiling made of drywall

Even if you have a waterproof drywall, it will not protect your bathroom from the neighbors upstairs. A stretch ceiling is the perfect protection against flooding because the water will remain above the ceiling instead of spreading all around the house.

SoundproofingPlastic pipes have one serious flaw, the sound resonates in them too well and reveals everything about what your neighbors do in the bathroom. Therefore, this room’s pipes should be wrapped in soundproofing material.

Light switch placementYour children will have to jump to reach the light switch if you put it too high, and if you put it near the door hinges, you will have to walk into darkness a lot. Keep in mind that the best place is on the side of the door handle at 2.5 ft. In the bedroom, you should have 2 light switches, one at the entrance and the other one near the bed so you don’t have to walk all the way from one end of the room to the other before you go to sleep. The same principle works for long halls, 2 light switches eliminate the necessity to walk around the whole hallway.

Failing to take photos of a utility system before renovationYou should mark the wires and other systems before hiding them all behind the walls, at least take a photo of the wall because that will allow you to know where they are so you won’t damage them when you put up shelves, TVs, and other things on the walls.

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