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Natural Ways To Chase Flies From For The House

Flies are one of those harmful and irritating insects that can also spread most diseases in our homes especially when they land on food we consume.Here are simple ways you can get rid of flies in your house but it is also recommended that you should always clean your house everyday to avoid flies.


Cut your lemon,orange,onion in two halves and put the cloves on it.Drop them in corner of the house and most frequent parts of the house visited by flies.Change them in two to three days.Flies will leave the house completely.

2) Garlic

Peal a hand full of garlic cloves and boil them.After it is boiled,filter the garlic and place the water on a bowl and place in the house or window,no flies will visit your house.

3)White Vinegar

Always use white vinegar to clean your tables,windows and kitchen furniture.The vinegar smell will send away all the flies.The vinegar smell is a repellant against flies.

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