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11 Lessons From The Book Make It Stick.

1. Learning is deeper and more durable when it’s effortful. Learning that is easy, is here today and gone tomorrow. You want a challenging struggle. This may take longer, but you will learn better.

2. Our minds are bad at judging when we are learning well or when we are not. We think we are productive, but we are not learning effectively.

3. Rereading text and massed practice are the most common and preferred study strategies, but are also among the least productive.

4. Flashcards are great because they involve retrieval, which involves recalling facts from memory while testing. This is more effective than rereading.

5. Periodic practice that allows for a little forgetting is good, because when you practice again, the retrieval routes with the pathways in your brain will strengthen and you will hang onto knowledge.

6. Practicing a single concept or skill over and over again until you have it down is not as effective as mixing up your practice and varying it with other types of different but related problems.

7. Reflection (active learning) can be a powerful form of learning that involves several cognitive activities.

8. Cramming can improve results for short-term tests. However, that knowledge is quickly lost. When two groups were tested at a later time, the group that crammed did worse. If you want to learn things for the long term, don’t cram.

9.Tests that require the learner to provide an answer, like essays or short-answer tests, are more effective for learning than tests focusing on recognition, such as multiple-choice or true/false tests. If you test yourself, work on problems that require you to generate an answer.

10. A fear of failure prevents people from taking risks or challenging themselves.

11. People need to develop a growth mindset and understand making errors and failing is okay because our intellectual abilities are within our own control and we can improve.

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