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Meet The World's Famous Woman Aged 94 Years Who Is Still Slaying

Bizarre!Meet amazing 94 year-old American granny who is competing in slay Queens contest. The age of 40 is usually when a person would consider themselves to be getting old, and this is typically the age where most people will lose interest in partying and a lot of other things that are typically done by people who are still enjoying their youth.

Helen Ruth Elam (born July 18, 1928), better known as Baddiewinkle or Baddie Winkle, is an American internet personality. Elam was born in Hazard, Kentucky. She married Earl Van Winkle and she has a son named David who later died of cancer at the age of 46 years. Her husband involved in an fatal accident and died thus remained a widow. She became an Internet sensation at the age of eighty-five. Her social media tag line "Stealing Your Man Since 1923" has become a popular saying for teens and young adults.

For 28 years, she worked at a factory ordering spare parts in order to support her family. She now resides in Knoxville, Tennessee.According to Metro and The Frisky, she became an Internet sensation at the age of eighty-five. She is the oldest influencer in the world. She proved that youth is not crucial for success on social media, where most people are "young, beautiful and successful". 

The first dress that brought her to fame was that of her great grand daughter which she wore to have and photoshoot. Her great grand daughter later helped her to post the picture on Twitter and she was followed by Rihanna who is a renown celebrity and now has a worldwide following. This pictured a lot of views from internet users as at that time, different comments about her filled the internet.

She is known for her humor and for fighting against ageism through her personal style and messaging, characterized by wearing eccentric clothes, promoting the legalization of medical marijuana, and her innuendo. She is not only famous on the internet, but she also has been the face of various fashion campaigns. Now she can add being the face of a makeup brand to the list. Urban Decay had chosen Baddie Winkle to be promote their latest makeup line.

"I love a choker because it covers up the neck wrinkles, I have so many of them. Now I’ve got all my friends involved, so I’ve started a trend- I have plain ones, leather ones, jewelled ones," Helen told The Telegraph.

Despite her old age, Helen's fame on social media has made her to be followed by over 3.3 million followers and get many likes in her posts. She earns thousands for branded posts that get tens of thousands of likes. She’s been featured by cosmetic lines and modeled the hottest fashion. She walked the red carpet at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards in a bedazzled nude bodysuit, no less. But before all that, she was a widow with a small farm in Kentucky and a rebellious spirit.

Most followers are curious as to what made her so popular on Instagram. Baddie Winkle publishes images of herself dressed in exotic and stylish attire, which would generally be pushed by young females in their twenties; one might argue she became famous because she has been killing on Instagram.

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