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Do You Want To Keep Warm In This Cold Weather?

There are 2 different types of warmth. The one coming from outside the body and the one the body generates from inside. In my opinion the one obtained by wearing heavy clothes like jackets and sweaters or layers of many clothes is fake because it doesn't last. It depletes very fast.

On the other hand warmth from inside the body is the best and it lasts if you activate your body muscles by walking/moving around and eating well.

In this cold season it is advisable to take enough food and eat healthy. Energy is generated by good quality food. Energy is equal to food. During winter your body needs more energy to keep warm that is why you need to eat.

You can do morning jogging before you start your day. If you are a fun of running, do 30 minutes run before you angage in your daily routine. If you are working in the office take a walk to the stage instead of boarding a motorbike. If your office is in 8th floor take the stairs instead of a lift. If the office is in 1st floor, climb the stairs to and fro a couple of times before you settle at your desk to work. The point here is to activate body organs to produce heat to keep the body warm from inside.

Another secret to keep the body warm in this cold season is to take a cold shower. I know many of you will not agree with me because you swear by a warm bath. Think of it this way when cold water touché the skin as you bathe it activates your blood flow increasing speed of cells flowing around the body and this generates heat hence keeping you warm.

The last secret is a bit hard but you can try. Hold your breath for 1to 2 minutes then release. You will feel like you are going to collapse but take it easy. Repeat the exercise 3 to 4 times in a row. The contractions/force inside you saying I want to breath will generate heat and your body will get warm.

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