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We Don't Know The Mysterious Disease Affecting Our Family

In most cases, we think that we are going through the toughest times in life until we listen to others tell their story. Meet Omar, he lives in a far African Village but he says that a lot of people in this place do not call him by his real name. They call him different names according to how he looks. The names are annoying.

The most irritating name he's heard is"Giturungunyu" a name in their local language that means something swollen, big and ugly. His entire family has been affected by this disease. None of them knows where it came from. Omar says that no one from his family had ever been affected by this illness before and he says he was the first victim of this terrible situation. He wasn't born like this. His parents told him that they gave birth to a normal and beautiful baby.

Things changed some years later. At around 2-3 years old, Omar started to get a headache and a muscle pull on his head. At that moment it was normal and they never take it seriously but the muscle pull continued to get bigger each day. His parents took him to the hospital, the doctors examined his body but they couldn't tell what it was. They gave him painkillers and told his parents that he was supposed to undergo surgery. Later on, he went for surgery but nothing changed since one side of his face continued sagging and oozing liquid substance. They couldn't afford to get better treatment and they went home.

The facial deformity made it difficult for Omar to go back to school because other children would bully and tease him. The physical pain was something else he had to deal with and so he chose to stay at home. Omar faced rejection from girls and no one would talk to him. However, he met Maajab who became friends with him and later on married him. Maajab's family called her stupid and foolish.

They had their first child. Maajab thought that she would have a normal child but that was not the case. Their firstborn's face was not proportional. Salei underwent minor surgery but the situation got worse. Just like the father, Salei has gone through bullying. Maajab gave birth to her second-born but the situation was still the same. They went on to have two more children who seem normal but they don't know if the condition will manifest.

Food is hard to come by since Omar cannot work to provide for his family. Maajab is the breadwinner. She does manual jobs like fetching water for people, doing laundry and digging people's gardens. She still comes home to cook food for the family. She is ever exhausted, she hopes that one day life will get easier.

The couple fears that their oldest son could drop out of school anytime because of the fee areas. He's the only one who has gone to school in that family. They hope he'll become something better in future. Whenever Omar steps out children hear at him and that's why he stays at home to avoid such. They both wish that their children can go to school, study and become better people. They also hope that they go to Hospital to know more about their condition.

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