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Top 10 Most Funny Inventions In The World That Will Definitely Put A Smile On Your Face

1. Poop trap for dogs

Every dog owner will definitely love to have this in the home. It is actually meant to trap any poop coming from a dog. Your compound will always be clean from dog poop especially if your dog is the type that doesn't care.

2. Baby floor cleaner

This is actually a must have for all parents with kids. The child will help you sweep the floor of the house with their constant movement here and there.

3. Anti rape disguise

I don't know whether you've ever known of an anti rape designer clothing. The clothing is meant to look like a refrigerator full of drinks and is worn when the person feels they are under a threat.

4. Handy chopper

If you have a problem ox cutting yourself Everytime you're chopping some things, then you will find this very interesting. A handy chopper takes the place of your hand.

5. Chopstick with fan

I found this to be the most funny invention in this list. When taking your noodles that are extremely hot, the chopstick with a fan will be of great help. Just put the fan on and east them as hot as they are.

6. Umbrella tie

How many of you would wear this tie on the streets? Depending on where you live, you can actually wear it. They say necessity is the mother of invention. Anytime their is rain, you simply, remove the umbrella tie and use if for another purpose.

7. USB

This actually looks like an appetizing delicacy. It's actually a USB made to look like a chunk of meat.

8. Hug pillow

Any single person would love this on their bed. This is actually called a hug pillow. Some investors are really funny and wise.

9. Finger toothbrush

Ever seen a finger toothbrush? Here is the first one that you've probably ever seen. You simply use your finger and it's works just like a Normal brush and probably works better than a normal brush.

10. Bike without pedal

This is probably the most funny invention I have ever seen. Ever seen a bike without pedals? So how is one able to ride it? By simply running. I still don't understand why the inventor had to come up with this. I also need more explanation.

Which of the above Inventions do you think is the most funny and why? Share your thoughts on the comment section below and also don't forget to like and share this article.

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