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Signs That Someone Genuinely Likes You

Sometimes it's difficult to know if someone genuinely likes you or they are just in love with an idea of you.

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Here are ways that you can use to know that someone likes you;

They initiate conversations with you.

If someone likes you, they will want to be in constant communion with you and thus they don't mind initiating conversation with you.

They answer your questions honestly.

A person that likes you will answer your questions honestly and they will also ask you back questions to know you more and more every day.

They will share their experiences.

If a person likes you genuinely, they will share the experiences that they have gone through in life and what they learned from those experiences.

They will try to make you happy.

Someone that likes you will try to make you happy most of the time. They will learn of the things that make you are happy as well.

They will never judge you.

A person that likes you will never judge you basing on your lifestyle, your problems or even your past. They will try to understand you in the best possible way.

They will never put you down.

If a person likes you, that person will never put you down or withdrawn their efforts due to some misunderstanding. They will always be by your side and they will clear all misunderstandings with you.

They are consistent.

A person that likes you will stay in constant communication with you. They will always be there for you and when they are busy they will let you know.

They don't look for options

The person that likes you will not look for options when you are unavailable. Their affection for you will never change for whatever reasons.

If you find someone that likes you for being you then you are a lucky person, keep that person because they are hard to find.

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