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Conductor Earns Praises From Kenyans Due to His Rare Creative Invention

Kenyans have showcased alot of creativity when it comes to matters of making life easier. Their creativity has earned then accolades and recognition from a number of both famous and infamous people. Thanks to the growing technology that allows us to get the information on time and also share to our friends and families.[Photo Courtesy]

Social media users have found a video that was shared online that has left them talking. In the video, a conductor is seen packing luggages on top of a matatu without any struggle. The conductor had used little acquired knowledge to construct a makeshift legs. The 'legs' which which are about one meter tall helps the him to reach the top of the vehicle without any problem.

Many people have praised his ability to walk using those 'legs' without falling down. This is a better move that people are using what they were taught in school. The man might be applying the knowledge he got on the topic of making work easier.

These kind of knowledge is what many people are going to study through CBC which will help children do what they like most. For the case of this man, his knowledge about using the resources the resources that are available Is undisputed. We wish him well as he continues with his future invention because he might inspire other conductor to follow his lead. Here are some of her reactions.Video link:

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