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7 Personal things that are not safe to share.

As kids, we were taught that “sharing is caring.” And, being the amazing kids that we are, we have always shared every little bit of good things with siblings, cousins, classmates, and friends. We have shared everything with those close to us, ranging from combs and hair sprays to earphones and phone chargers.

However, in recent times, the lifestyle we live and the food we eat has made us more fragile, and sharing certain items may, in fact, be a bad idea. This isn’t merely from a hygienic standpoint, but also a health perspective, since the most difficult ailments come from the least expected sources.

Here is a list of items that you are not supposed to share with anyone else even your close ones.

1. Earphone

Our ears are home to several bacteria due to the humidity in the ear canal while wearing earphones. In recent times, our earphone usage has increased drastically, and with that, so has the bacterial presence.

Against this backdrop, sharing your earphones with someone can cause the transfer of the bacteria from you to the other person. So, imagine the dirt on those earphones that are carried from one to the other, and if that image doesn’t scare you, imagine the earphones you use during a rigorous workout session. The sweat and humidity can form the perfect base for bacterial growth.

2. Nail Cutters

You may wonder, “How bad can sharing nail cutters be?” Similar to ears, our nails carry a wide variety of microbes, such as bacteria and fungi, which are not visible to our eyes. Nail cutters have the potential to be the perfect carrier of these microorganisms, and hence, infections as well. Next time you want to borrow or lend your nail cutter, think of those perfect nails you have strived to give life to. Are they worth losing?

3. Earrings

Well, it is the same place as what we have discussed before. However, this time it is not about the bacteria. The earring holes, as we may know, have numerous blood vessels, and earrings may be a vector of blood-borne infections. Well, what if you really need to borrow some earrings? Keep your hand sanitizer handy, and wipe them thoroughly with alcohol and then wear them.

4. Lip Balm Or Lipstick

Lips happen to be one of the most delicate parts of the human body. That is probably why it takes a mere phone falling on your face while late-night texting to leave a dot of blood on your lips. The lips’ skin is delicate and sharing a lip balm or lipstick can carry the virus from one person to another, thereby increasing the risk of contracting cold sores.

5. Soaps.

Soap cleans us. But, what cleans soap? For this very reason, it is safest to not share soap. Soap can carry a diverse variety of microbes and when it is left in a wet dish for long, it creates the perfect base for the microorganisms to multiply further. So, the next time you plan for a sleepover at your friend’s place, carry your soap or keep a liquid soap handy

6. Combs And Hairbrushes.

Sweat, dandruff, scalp’s natural oils, and possible lice. Put them all together and that is the perfect recipe for a scalp infection and, if you are having a bad time, maybe a lice infestation too. The sharing of hairbrushes and combs, even for once, can cause infections that you definitely do not want.If there is absolutely no option, but to share a comb, wash and sanitize it before and after usage.

7. Makeup brushes And Cosmetics

As pretty as they may seem and help you become more beautiful, makeup brushes and products have the misfortune of coming in contact with a variety of bodily fluids, such as mucus, acne, saliva, tears, and sweat. And, these fluids hold the “guest of honor” seats in the show called “skin infection.” We are not even making it up. The shared usage of eyeliners, brushes, mascara and makeup base, among others, can be a pretty good source of infections .

So, here we are. We know you love your girlfriends and sisters a lot and nothing can stand between you all. But, now these items maybe. It is going to be hard to deny them these items when you are getting ready for a party. But, think of it. Better safe than sorry.

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