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Here are 5 tips to living a successful life

Success is defined as the status of having achieved an aim or purpose. Everyone defines success in their own terms. Having done my research, here are 5 tips to living a successful life.

1. Find your life's purpose

It has been stated that over 70% of people in the world will never know why they exist in this world. That most people move through their lives without doing something that makes them happy. Finding your purpose is one of the most important things in life.

2. Aspire to Live a long life

It is so unfortunate that most people who are born don't live to see their grandchildren. Life expectancy has decreased over the years drastically, making me believe that living a long life is a measure of success.

3. Create wealth that can be passed to the next generations.

I recently read an article stating that anyone who is not able to feed his/herself should not give birth. It may seem harsh, but the reality is that children are expensive to raise. Generational wealth not only improves the standard of living, but also provides a source of inspiration to the beneficiaries.

4. Have a deeper relationship with people who matter

No matter the amount of success one thinks he/she has attained, without the support and the love of those people who matter most in their lives, it is all for nothing. Keep your family close. Let them share in your success so that they can lay you to rest when your time comes.

5. Impact the world positively

In whatever you do, ensure that it has a positive impact on the world. This will ensure that you are remembered and your life will have meaning. If not the whole world, ensure that the society you come from, has benefited from your existence.

Finally, define success in your own terms. Stay happy, stay safe and be kind.

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