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How To Stop Attracting Losers And Abusers

If you are attracting losers and abusers you may need to undergo the same soul searching I did. In addition, the lessons I learned may be of great comfort to you:

Stop hanging on to the past. Face whatever it is that has taken your self-esteem away and understand that dragging the past along with you limits your present and future. Admit to yourself that you are living in the past, face the issues that haunt you, and let go of them.

Don't stay with anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself, especially those who tell you that you are a failure or are unattractive, or who abuse you under any circumstances. Instead, fill your life with people who make you happy and feel good about yourself.

Don't let others influence your decisions. Gather all the information you can find, take your time and make the decision you think will be best for you and your loved ones. Don't decide because you want to run away from the consequences of your choices or because you are unhappy at the moment. Once you have decided, take responsibility for your choices. Whether they turn out good or bad, know that everyone makes mistakes. What matters most is how we correct and recover from them.

Realize that blaming anyone but ourselves is a way to avoid taking responsibility for our lives. The blame game destroys our chances at a real-life because anyone refusing to take responsibility ends up pushing away the nice guys.

No matter what has happened, it does not define us; we define who we are in the present. Attitude is a choice and something we can choose to change. Stop looking at a half-empty glass when it's half-full!

Start believing in yourself. When you do you will discover that you can change your destiny and start living the life you have always wanted to be surrounded by supportive people who make you feel like the winner you are.

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