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Freshers week for the anxious introvert.

The whole concept of being on campus is exciting when there is a lot of activities to go to, all the friends in the world to make and differently unique experiences waiting for you. all this ends abruptly when you realize that you are an introvert and an anxious one at that. Being an introvert myself has not been easy, especially when there are always people around you. Scientifically introverts thrive when they get their alone time to reboot, unlike extroverts who are the complete opposite. let's face it young people are always thinking of food, money, and sex simply all the ways of having fun and for this to happen they need company, people to be merry with that's when you get dragged along to all those social events when you'd rather be cooped up in your room reading something fun or watching your favorite tv series. In this article, I will be sharing how I got through my fresher year being an overly anxious and introverted girl.

When I joined campus I made friends immediately, everyone always does don't worry. They're the people I've gotten to be close with over the years and have stood by me despite me being difficult sometimes. By the first week, my friends had realized that I had a serious crowd issue and that I was socially awkward, so whenever we would go out to an event or a social gathering, they would be my protectors. Additionally, I had a best friend that I considered to be very close to me she is the one I told everything about and whose council I cherish to this day, she was also a very good listener always eager. My point is that have that one friend that you could always run to when things get a bit rocky for you, having a friend who just listens helps calm you down and you feel like you're not doing this alone, in saying that don't go and get just any friend and start pouring your heart out to them this friend must have a connection to you. If that is not possible then you can get yourself a journal and start documenting everything down.

Another trick I had was to be curious about the people around me. This I employed when I was left with people I hardly knew and wanted to make a conversation with them, all you must do is be curious about their life then the questions will come easily. As the other person tells you about their life you can rephrase their answers and get to know more about them hence there won't be that social awkwardness around. When talking smile more, this will make you look friendly and approachable, try not to take anything to heart so as not to get offended easily as this will put others off.

Make a stand for what you believe in and your principles. Avoid being dragged with the crowd as more often than not it always ends up badly. When you do what everyone else wants you always feel drained and used even though no one forced you to do them, know what you want, and employ a little confidence even if you don't know what you're doing. fake it until you make it they say, so just put on a show until you can own your confidence. Sometimes it could be a matter of life and death, avoid following people around to things you don't know about, campus has all kinds of people so beware who you associate with.

To add to that is that always try to remember why you're there, hence you don't stray too far from the goal. Be focused this will make you feel like you're on top of the world and will motivate you to keep going. Secondly, have fun too in your awkward weird way, whatever the definition of fun is to you, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy don't let your life get boring spice it up a bit. Lastly love yourself and with everything that comes with it, I cannot stress this enough, when you don't find yourself attractive then that's when you'll fall deeper into the antisocial Cacoon. so please embrace yourself. Google picture[IMAGES/CURTSEY]


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