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Self Care Routine For Stress And Anxiety

Are you struggling with anxiety and stress? Here are ways to reduce stress and calm anxiety.

First thing when you wake up let light in your room by drawing curtains and also put on music, it's important for your calmness.

Secondly do some cleaning, clean your space, like making bed this is important for clarity of your mind. When a place is unkept you will feel unsettled and super uncomfortable. You clean listening music and you enjoy. Once you done cleaning you might light up some candles. Candles gives your apartment a nice ambiance and the environment and the environment is important for your mental space. 

When done you can now take your breakfast the way you like it. After that you can now do some stretching and exercises. Of course you put on music it's important for meditation. After stretching your body feels nice and relaxed. Now you can pamper yourself by taking a shower, face scrubbing, doing your hair, shaving etc. Lastly you decide whether you want to watch a movie, grab your phone or taken a nap. By doing this will calm the anxiety and feel relaxed. 

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