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3 Walking Mistakes and How to Correct It?

Below you can find some of the mistakes we all do while we walk and some corrective actions you can take

1.Walking On Foot

When the footfalls freely, falls uncontrollably on the surface, a loud slap is heard. This is a fairly common walking error that can be caused by weak front and side calf muscles or impaired innervation. It could also be simply due to a bad habit or poor footwear. The normal step starts with the heel resting on the surface, then gradually descends as if the foot of the roll is down until the whole is placed on the surface. The entire body weight is then briefly transferred to the foot.

Correct Action:

If one foot slaps more than the other, be sure to talk to your doctor about possible innervation problems, etc. Do not cross or bend your legs while sitting to avoid nerve damage.

2.Walking with Your Head Down

An important part of walking is normal posture, as it reduces tension in the neck muscles, partially relieves the load from the hip joints, and reduces tension in the muscles of the lower back. Conversely, walking with the head down makes the bodywork harder and less efficient.

Correct Action:

As you go more often, pay attention to how you hold your head. From time to time, imagine that you are a ballerina or a puppet with a thread rising from the top of your head.

3.Walking without Active Hands

A significant benefit of walking is active hand bridges. When the hands are lowered to the sides or otherwise isolated from the proper stepping process, the speed of movement is significantly slowed and the back is more loaded.

Correct Action:

Raise your arms 90 degrees in front of you and let them fall down naturally, freely, thus relaxing your shoulders. When taking a step with your right foot, teach widely with your left hand and vice versa.

What are other walking Mistakes that you know? Please name them on the comments section.

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