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One of The Most Expensive Woods In The World, Here Is Where It Is Grown

There are very many plants in the world and each has its own use. We have seen quite a number of the plants but there are certainly those we have never seen. Just like any other things have value, trees too have value and it varies from tree to tree. There are trees that sell at a very high price and finding them is sometimes a challenge.

One such tree is the African Blackwood. This is one of the trees considered to be the hardest and densest. It is also one of the top expensive wood in modern world. Working on the tree with hand or machines is challenging because of its hardness. Because of their high value, the tree species has been threatened to near extinction.

It is used to make musical instruments like guitars and violins. That is why they can last for hundreds of years without getting old if properly maintained. It grows in several African countries and is worth the price because it is resistant to warping and decay.

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African Blackwood Here Is Where The Most Expensive Woods In The World


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