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Wonders Of Guava Leaves You Need To Know

In this article, am going to tell you the wonders of guava leaves in solving fertility issues which am sure you will find it amazing.

Infertility is a major issue in our society today. To clean or detox our bodies is very important as it improves the overall success of the whole body and all this can be solved by guava leaves.

Their is a substance present in the guava leaves known as folate which is very important to female fertility as it boosts hormones responsible for foetus formation and design. One cup of guava juice is said to contain 20% of daily folate requirements. It has also other compounds e.g Vitamin C, E,B9,B12 Calcium, Magnesium and Niacin which helps hormones necessary for fertility to perform their duties as required and many other benefits.

Preparation of the drink is very simple. You just need to pluck about ten guava leaves and clean them, boil the leaves in a pot of water for about thirty minutes. You will notice that the water has changed to green or somehow a brown color. Store in a container to be drinking a cup daily.

guava fruits

The benefits of this drink is greater than most synthetic medicine which now you don't need to waste your money on buying them.

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