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7 Incredible Inventions in the world Today

A bamboo wife

It is very popular in south East Asia especially during the hot season, it is shorter than a person and it is hollow made of bamboo. You might wonder what it is used for; the product was made to give people comfort when they are sleeping. During the hot season at night when hugging your blanket of pillow, you might feel uncomfortable due to excess heat but this item allows air through it so you won’t feel hot

A reshaping mask

This mask made of material that cannot allow air to pass through is used to reshape the face in Japan making it look smaller. So what happens is that the face sweats and reduces in size. Most people do purchase them, we do not know for sure if it works

One wheeled transporter

This is one very impressive invention, it is actually called Honda U 3 X and it is small in size. It can move in any direction thanks to its many autonomous wheels. To be clear, it is not a chair but a one wheeled transporter

Nose lifter

This is another device from japan that is mainly used to change the shape if the nose. For good results you must be patient because it takes time to see the changes, you have to wear this device every day for three minutes. The bones changes due to the stimulation caused by the vibration produced by the device

Emotion tracking mask

This special kind and strange looking mask can track your emotions and change colors accordingly. It does this by tracking how our facial muscles are; for example when smiling, frowning and so on. What it does is that it moves special colors through its vessels. We don’t really understand its real function but hope you get the idea

'Rejuvenique' mask

The mask might look so strange but it has a very interesting function, it takes care of facial skin. According to the person who invented it, it has electrodes that have the same effect as surgery

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