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23 unique shelving decor designs one can customize for their homes

Every home has a set of shelves even if it's one plank. They look great in any room and are a great display pieces for knick knacks. Thus these extremely unique shelves designs may be a way to go when thinking about upgrading your shelves.

This beautiful decor can be placed in the living room. It can hold many objects and it's nice to look at. The wood and the paint job are next level and the square designs only adds to it's beauty.

Octagonal metal shelving unit has seven shelves. This is a unique storage alternative in form of multiple smaller shelves on different levels.

In your bathroom, a stick figure design shelves can be used to organize items that are used daily. Soaps, brushes, toothpaste and towels can be arranged on these shelves. Many shapes and figures can be used.

These are run of the mill suspended shelves. The planks are smoothened and held up by copper or brass or any other metal. Arrange them in a cool pattern on the wall.

These bookshelves are made from recycled wood from doors and windows. Reuse wood to make creative pieces of furniture.

This particular genius design has suspended shelves with strong ropes. These ropes are held up by hooks on top of the walls.

Such a furniture becomes the centre of attraction in any room. The shelves are enclosed with archways and they have beautiful painted designs.

A floor to ceiling shelves can be created for a home office or sitting room. This design has beauty, storage and display area. It can also be used as a partition in a room.

This creative design seems to be a stack of boxes falling over. Create these shelves on a bare wall and display your books and other objects.

A wall to wall shelving unit can be a clever way to increase storage area and aesthetic beauty in a home. These shelves can be lined from one wall to another creating levels.

In your kids rooms especially girls rooms, make shelves where they can display their toys. This can make them organized and not have toys lying around the house.

Shelves can be mounted into the wall. Walls that have spaces or extensions in them can use this design for storage and display. The shelves seems to be inside the wall.

One can utilize many shapes to make their shelves. Polygons, triangles and squares can work.

This shelves looks like an arc of a sphere protruding from a wall. It can hold many items and still add beauty in a room.

These pieces are a balance between aesthetic form and functional quality. They add a touch of elegance to any space.

This design is a statement decor and an organizing piece to enjoy daily. It can be in a home office or home bar.

For that home office in your small corner, put up a shelf with crafted metal holders and arranged your stuff up there.

One can spell out their names or favourite quote and customize shelves from them. For baby rooms this is highly recommended and paint them in bright colors.

These are easy float book shelves one can make on their own. They add real cool interest to one's reading area.

When showing off your library, this eye-catching shelve unit is easier to show off. Impress your guests with this design.

These framed shelves are styled with perfect wood finishing. One can beautifully customize their shelves with this style.

For gardening ideas a shelved garden can be a space saver and can be done indoors. A herb garden can be most suitable.

A spiral decor shelving unit is an intelligent way to save space and have a unique piece of furniture in your home.

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