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Signs That Show You Are Smarter Than Other People

It's such an amazing gift for me to be able to write something for you. Hope you are fairing on well wherever you are. So without wasting so much time, lets do the main business that brought us here. No one was born foolish, each person is unique in his or her own way.

There are somethings you may do which make it easier for people to judge you if you are wise or not. So let's look on some of the points that show you are smarter yet you aren't aware about such a thing.

You don't blow your trumpet.

Smart people usually know the things they are capable of doing. They are curious to know new concepts because they notice that the more they know, new things continue to emerge. That's why you will always find them wanting to know more.

You may think that you are perfect but the truth is that you aren't. A fool will always acknowledge himself as wise but a wise man won't do such a thing. When you are humble the society will recognize you and you may end up being successful in some way, humility pays alot.

You have a sharp tongue.

There are some people who can't control their anger whenever something hoes wrong. If you can conduct yourself accordingly during such a time, then you should consider yourself wise. This is because you tend to use your brain more than you use your energy.

You should always talk with limits that is if you want to be a wise person. Words can pierce deeper than how a sword can. So never hurt someone with what you say. Your tongue can slip and if such a thing happens, apologizing won't cost you anything.

You have a good sense of humour.

Funny people aren't only the attractive people when it comes to a dating contest but intelligent perceive to the ability of being funny. If your sense of humour is pickable, then it shows you have a higher level of IQ.

Am sure you have come across a person who tell people jokes but there isn't any punch line. Such people are extremely a turn off to ladies. So don't just go around telling people jokes, it can make you be a laughing stalk. Just be you, wake up and start using your brain.

Thanks for your time and see you soon in our next article.

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