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Not Timber Check Out amazing Roofing Solutions That Will Increase The Worth Of Your House.


There are various types of metals that can be used for roofing.Considerations that are made before selecting a metal roof include;cost, weight and resistance to rusting.These metals include:


This metal is light in weight and it is resistance to rusting.Aluminium is also soft and brittle compared to other metals.


Steel metal is durable and heavier than Aluminium.This metals require coating such as zinc and a coat of epoxy primer to fight adhesion.


Copper is naturally resistance to corrosion.It is also very expensive than other metals.The metal is flexible and can bend easily.


Asphalt are economically easy to buy and install.They are available in variety of colours that enables you to match the wall colour with the roof.This asphalt require organic material for reinforcement.

3.Clay and concrete tiles.

These tiles provide elegance and texture to your roof.They are available in great varieties like:flat,ribbed and scalloped.They are very durable and long-lasting.

4.Transparent Materials.

Polycarbonate sheets are the most efficient materials to use where transparency is required.They are light and can easily bend.They also have the ability to keep out harmful rays from the sun.

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Aluminium.This Roofing Solutions That Will Increase


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