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What is Secretly Keeping You Poor

Staying poor is sometimes a choice. It's all in the things that we do. Infact our daily habits will determine the course that our lives take. Here are yof the things we do that keep us trapped in poverty.

1. Cutting expenses.

While spending less than we earn is the only way to escape poverty, cutting down on expenses will hardly increase your bank balance. Instead of reducing the things you spend on to the point of lowering your quality of life what you ought to do instead is increase your income. Learn a new skill, get a degree or a masters, start an online side hustle or a small business. Just do Anything that will earn you more money.

2. Wasting time.

Most people don't realize the value of time. They don't seem to know that time is easily translated into money. The time you spend doing nothing or waiting for the perfect orpotunity could easily be spent on acquiring a knowledge or skills. It's never the right time to act in life, you will always either be too early or too late so act now.

3. Saving.

Saving is a good culture. Everyone should have an emergency fund stashed away somewhere. However, no one ever got rich from just saving. All that money is rotting away somewhere when it could be multiplying. It could be invested and earning money. The most successful people are the ones who take the biggest risks with their money.

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