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Cost and Maturity Time for Different Plant Fences for Home Privacy

Plant fencing is considered the cheapest way of fencing as compared to building a structural fence.What is needed is the money to purchase the plant fence seedlings,irrigate them continuously and prune them.Although it takes some time before the plant fences mature,but they are long lasting when they mature.Below are two different types of plant fences for home Privacy:1.Bambo plant fence.It grows best in well drained soil and can grow even in fairly poor soils.To form a solid fence,it takes three years to mature.Each seedling costs Ksh 200.Research shows bamboo plant has few insect and disease problems hence adapbtable to the environment.2.Kei-apple fence(kayafa).Are fences which are widely used in areas where grazing animals are responsible for consuming crops.Its strength and spines make it capable of warding off foreign intrusion.The fence matures in about 3 to 4 years and the seedlings costs.kei apple Hedge seeds in a 2kg tin costs Ksh 800.These seedlings are estimated to yeild close to 2000 seedlings.Please share and comment.

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