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The Truth About The Devil In Your Shower: Doctor's Angle

Many people experience a devastating fear when they get in the shower and close their eyes amid bathing. Most get the feeling that something or someone dark (a devil for example) is watching them from close by. Some find this to be frightening as they are traumatized by the experience to the point of being alone in the shower. However, people do not really seek to find out the cause of this.

This experience cannot be explained because people have different experiences. However, what is known is that those who have reported having this incident often bring to life their worst fears when they close their eyes in the shower. Those who fear ghosts report feeling the presence of ghosts or even feeling their cold touch. There are some whose worst fear is being attacked in the shower when they cannot see. They then start feeling the presence of another person with them once they close their eyes.

But why do people experience this fear in the shower? Medical professionals have attributed these fears to the watching of movies and films and even the listening of stories. These exploit our fear of the unknown and we often find ourselves believing in the unknown. In these, people are attacked only at their most vulnerable. You might see an actor getting hit by a train while they are unaware. this image is instilled into the mind of the person who then unknowingly relates to it when they close their eyes in the shower.

Basically, what people fear is not the presence of the unknown in the shower but the vulnerability and uncertainty that comes with closing their eyes when taking a shower.

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