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Reasons Why Logos Are Mostly Placed On The Left Side of Clothes

There are many things that are done in a certain way in life, but we never stop to consider why they are done that way. A logo serves as the first impression of a product, such as a website or a clothing line. Have you ever observed that most, if not all, logos are always on the left side? What makes you believe this is the case?

When you first meet someone, you tend to gaze to the left rather than the right, so you'll see the logo first. This has been done for a long time and has become a popular practice.

People are more familiar with logos on the left side, which increases the likelihood of their being recognized. Another reason they're on the left is that they're arranged according to our writing style. When we write, we begin at the left and work our way to the right. Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi are the only languages that write from right to left.

When a logo is put on the left side, it is more memorable than when it is placed on the right side. A logo aids in the marketing of a company, and approximately 89 percent of companies globally display their logos on the left side.

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