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8 thing you should never share even with your dearest friend or neighbour

We are all aware that sharing goods or doing acts of charity is beneficial. There are some things, though, that should not be disclosed. Because it has a lot to do with our health, there are limits to how much we should share our personal belongings. There are some things that you can share as a husband and wife, while others are solely designed for one person. The toothbrush and personal comb are two examples of items that are well-known. Sharing a toothbrush is difficult, regardless of how much you value the person with whom you are sharing it. Some of these items are listed below:

Headphones. The majority of us are unaware that sharing headphones can be hazardous. It's not unusual for someone to ask a friend for earbuds. Each of us has a different microbial flora balance in our ear wax. The germs will remain on the earphone if it is plugged into the ear. When someone asks for their headphones, you will readily give them to them, completely unaware of the risk you are putting yourself and the other person in. If you've shared your headphones, ensure sure they've been disinfected with hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you do it correctly to avoid damaging the speakers.

Lip gloss and lipstick are two types of lip products. It's not good for your health to share lipstick or gloss. This is frequent among women, and as a result, they unknowingly spread the infection. Herpes, for example, is a disease that can be easily transmitted in this manner. Although the infected person may appear to be in good condition, the virus can be found in the mouth mucus membrane, which is spread by saliva. To avoid sharing, invest in an own makeup kit.

Towel. Sharing a towel may appear harmless to some, but it is not. Because the towel is intended to wipe your body after a bath, it should only be used by one person. After you have cleansed your body with a towel, it will absorb water or liquids. It is critical to hang the towel to dry on the balcony or outside. You can also iron the towel after each wash to ensure that it is completely dry and safe to use. It is a breeding environment for germs, mold, and fungi since it is always damp. Sharing a towel is not a good idea.

Deodorants. Deodorants may be required to neutralize the sweat. They may be safe because some contain antibacterial qualities, while others do not. Some people don't even use a tissue or a rag to wipe their armpits before using them. Sharing such a private object is risky.

Curlers and hair clips We're all aware that our hair isn't always as clean as we think. When women neglect to properly wash and care their hair, bacteria thrive in the environment. When you share hair clips and curlers, you're automatically passing these bacteria on to the next person. Hair clips and curlers can transfer fungi and lice, even if they aren't apparent.

It's crucial to avoid doing any of the above with someone else for your own gain. An individual's health is extremely valuable to him, and we should do everything we can to protect it. Other things to keep in mind when dealing with them are:

Accessorize your manicure with some cosmetics.

Accessory for skin care.

Indoor footwear

Clothes and other personal items

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