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Bedsitter Arrangement Ideas

life in a bedsitter is the most interesting life have ever seen, I mean everything is at your reach .You do not have to travel to another room to pick something it's self contained.

It only becomes complicated if you haven't arranged things well .

Below are ideas on how you can pimp your bedsitter to become more comfortable and admirable


The lightening in your room is very important because you want to have access to every thing since all things are in one room. And for this design here brown color is coming up so cool and the lights as well.


You can add decorations and art designs on your walls to make it sophisticated and unique .The lighting here is perfect too.


If your room is big you can separate the room by use of walls either permanent or temporary. This design here its one room yet there is a bedroom ,sitting area and also a dining space


Bring color to your room which creates a great mood of comfort and humor. You can opt for a bright colored carpet like this design above.


Spice things up by matching your carpet and your curtains .This look is so attractive and classy.

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