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Best tricks to keep yourself motivated

1) Create your own reward system. Don’t forget to systematically treat yourself to something nice for the hard work and effort you are making. This way, you will always have something you can look forward to once you complete a task or achieve a certain goal.

2) Remind yourself of all your successes so far. It will give you the motivation to start tackling new challenges.

3) Set the alarm clock as a reminder of “it’s time to start working on this”.

4) Take a walk in nature. It will help in resetting and refreshing your mind.

5) Make sure you get an appropriate amount of sleep. Otherwise, sleep deprivation can make you feel moody and unmotivated.

6) Listen to energizing and uplifting songs when you are feeling down.

7) Remind yourself that there are moments in life when pushing yourself becomes necessary. Sometimes, getting things done translates into overextending yourself.

8) Set a deadline. It can motivate you to finish the task or achieve a specific goal before the time’s up.

9) Stop comparing yourself to other people. It will inevitably discourage you. Instead, compete against yourself.

10) Imagine where your hard work will take you in the future.

11) Keep reminding yourself that rewarding things do not come easy. Therefore, in order to make them happen, you have to keep working hard and remain persistent.

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