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The Cost Buying A Grass Cutting Machine In Kenya

Cutting grass and shrubs in the compound manually using slashers and pangas sometimes becomes hectic and tedious moreso when the grasses are tall and tough. These equipments are also not effective and faster when being used.

Furthermore, the slashers requires alot of energy to enable the job be a success. They also lead to development of blisters in the hands if they are continually used on tough and strong grass.

A grass cutting machine has been developed and distributed all the country at an affordable price to salvage people from all these shortcomings of slashers and pangas while cutting the vegetation in the compound.

The machine is faster and efficient as compared to slashers in cutting grass. That is, it is possible for a single person to clear a large piece of land with the machine something that could require even ten people if they were using slashers.

These machines comes in different models and size upon which their prices depends on. Their price ranges from Sh10,000 to 15,000 in most of the hardwares and workshops in the country. These machines however has some limitations such as loud sound that they produce while in operation. They also use fuel which means that some extra costs will have to be incurred.

Watch the video via the link below to see clearly how the machine works while cutting grass on the compound.,vid:W8hR4881IPQ,st:0

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