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Personality Traits Based On Sitting Position.

1. Cross-legged

- you feel open and carefree.

- your knees spread to the side, shows that you are physically open to new ideas

- it takes the flexibility to sit this way.

- it also indicates that you're emotionally flexible.

2. Straight with good posture

- you are confident, strong and reliable person

- everyone turns to you when they need help or comfort

- you have fun and enjoy the little things in life.

3. Reclined

- you are analytical and considerate

- this position allows you to observe without acting on it.

- you like to take in what you are seeing

- but you are careful before getting involved.

4. Ankles Crossed

- you are refined and elegant, but open and down-to-earth.

- your posture conveys you feel comfortable.

- this posture is very regal and queen-like, so you'll make everyone around you feel confident too.

5. Clutching Armrests

- you are sensitive and always aware of your surroundings. 

- Armrests make you feel steady physically and emotionally.

- you are looking for comfort and security.

6. Arms Crossed

- This posture is signal of strength, defensiveness, and confidence.

- you are thoughtful and serious and are naturally very analytical.

7. Hands Resting In Lap

- you're shy and calm.

- You're humble and unassuming, and you're very sensitive to other people's feelings.

- You're an incredible, compassionate, and gentle person.

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