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Benefits Of Putting Garlic Inside Your Toilet

Maintaining proper hygiene in the toilet is always encouraged. There are several ways in which you can clean your toilet after use. Most people use detergents to clean toilets. However, most detergents only clean the surface and cannot prevent the growth of micro bacteria.

Today, am going to share with you a unique way that can help you prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Most of us don't know that garlic can be used to clean toilets. Garlic contains a special substance called allicin. This substance can serve as an antiseptic and prevents the growth of dangerous microorganisms inside the toilet. You can use garlic to clean your toilet and free it from bacteria.

How to use garlic to clean the toilet

Firstly, peel a glove and place it inside the toilet at night because at this time the toilet is not used frequently as compared during the day. For the best result, you can crash the glove before placing it inside the toilet. You should make a point of repeating the procedure if the toilet is used after you place the garlic.

The last step is flushing the toilet first thing in the morning. The allicin will have dissolved inside the toilet overnight and will leave the place clean and free from bacteria.

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