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Four Reasons Why You Should Never Allow Everybody To Sit On Your Bed

Life in towns or the campus is a bit different from the ones in villages. People mingle freely to an extent of going into the bedrooms of friends and colleagues. However, you should not feel bad when your sister, friend, or colleague tells you not to sit on his or her bed. The following are some of the reasons why you should respect their wishes.

A. Bacteria shackles like glue to the body


Bacteria causing diseases and germs bind easily in our clothes and when one sits on our beds they may transmit and subsequently causing other effects in our bodies.

B. Effects of fleas may cause tremendous diseases and uncomfort

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Some of our colleagues may have fleas without their knowledge and they may spread into our duvets easily.

C. Inside clothes precisely have been everywhere.

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We never know the moves that individuals make in their day-to-day acts. However, we should be cautious since they may have come from elsewhere.

D. Your bed is a refuge of solace and protection.

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As this is a place for you to rest and gain warmth, you can feel at comfort fastening yourself in your duvet and clasping your pillow. Harvard's Sleep Medicine Division instructs that you stop laboring in bed and spending moments with your colleagues in the kitchen or living room rather. The brain, accordingly, correlates the bed with solace and hot, which vastly leads to healthy sleep.

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