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Top Ten Tips To Cope With Self Isolation

1.Routine .Make a daily schedule/routine and stick to it every day. Routines are critical when you feel that you have limited control over other situations.

2.Commit to going outside for a walk every day. Only walk with small groups and at a two meter distance from one another.

3.Exercise. Take care of your physical well- being. Find a simple online at-home workout routine to stay active drink plenty of water throughout the day and get rest when you can (but not too much).

4.Study. Keep yourself accountable and on top of your studies every day.

5.Monitor Your Mood. Be aware of your feelings and how to manage them.

6.Limit Your Exposure to the News.Limit your consumption of social media and new.

7.Practice Positivity .Ask yourself if it will really do you any good to constantly check for updates about the world situation.Breathe in. Breathe out. Smile. Laugh. You’ll trick your mind into feeling more positive and in control.

8.Connect with Family and Friends (AT A DISTANCE).Connect with friends and family as much as possible (at a distance). Talk about happy events, cherished memories and creative ideas that don’t involve the current world circumstances. Play online games together.If you MUST go out of your home, do so ONLY when absolutely necessary and stay away from others. Do not go to friends’ homes and do not invite friends to your home. We all must work to flatten (and in fact Plank the Curve

9.Be Aware of scammers.Many are taking advantage of our current level of vulnerability and fear. Take some time to think about calls or emails you receive. If it sounds too good to be true, consider it and ask around or do research to confirm it.

10.Flatten the Curve


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