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8 Things From the Future we Wish to have Them Today

Smart bed

This is a special kind of a bed which can track your health indicator during sleep and change mattress depending on your body. The bed can detect when you are snoring and adjust to a position where you won’t snore and it can wake you up using an alarm just at the right time

Robot babysitter

Most people are hiring people who can offer such services but what if we had robots to handle that. The robot can detect when the child is crying, alert the parent and while they are on their way, it will try to calm the situation by playing music. Apart from that, it can control the temperature of the room, clear the air and even send photos and videos to the parent.

A cup that turns water into any drink

Now you can turn water into any drink you like thanks the electrodes in the cup that can change the taste of water into sweet, bitter, or saltier. A special gas influences the smell while the color of the liquid is changed by the diodes.

Beard trimmer

A perfect trim is very important to men especially to those with beard. Those who love keeping their beards clean and do not have that time to always visit the barbershop then this will be very useful to them. It will help you shape and avoid mistakes during the process

Cup cooler

This unique type of cup cools drinks 6 times faster than an ordinary fridge and it will maintain the desired temperature throughout the entire day. It size it compatible and you can even poor the drink right into the cup of the device

Death Star shaped popcorn maker

Those who have watched Star wars are definitely familiar with this thing. There is a product in the shape of that object that is used in making popcorns; it would be a great gift to any start wars fan. There are a lot of other inventions made by the company that can make this film’s fans happy

VR moto simulator

It is compatible with several systems like PlayStation, windows devices and Xbox. According to the inventor, the device can make a person feel as close as possible to the way the real bike feels. However it is very impossible to fall of the simulator

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