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Purpose of The Little Water That Remains In The Toilet After Flushing

Purpose Of The Little Water That Am sure you have at one point in your life used a toilet. After finishing up what took you there, you'll pull the flashing know and water will run over the waste materials. You will realize some clean water being left behind. It's there for purpose. It's not there for no reason. This is the actual purpose of that water.

The water is there to prevent sticking if waste materials to the toilet bowl walls. The water will be there to mix up with human waste then easen their disposal to the septic tank. Don't drain the water that is alway left behind. It has a job. When you drain it out, your toilet will be dirty and smelly.

The water is there to be replaced by the ones in the tank. When the water comes from the flush tank, it will displace the one available there to the main sewage pipe and leave behind a clean toilet. The water is therefore there to be displaced down the sewage when flashed. When it could not be there, water from the flush tank could be there one coming down to mix with human waste

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