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Keep Mosquitoes Away By Planting These 6 Plants In Your Garden


Its pleasant fragrance is perceived as offensive to mosquitoes. Lavender also has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. You can plant it in your garden or in pots situated near the doors or windows. For better protection, rub the flower onto your skin to release its oil.

Basil It isn’t just a tasty herb that you can use to season your favorite food but it’s also a handy natural mosquito repellent. Due to the pungent smell emanating from its leaves, the mosquitoes cannot come close to it. Studies shows that this was plant was toxic to mosquitoes.


Tis plant is a natural mosquito repellent, keeping crushed stems of the plant in your pockets can just guarantee that mosquitoes will stay away. You can plant it around your house to discourage mosquitoes from entering.


This herb serves more purpose than just culinary use, studies shows that peppermint oil can repel malaria, filarial and yellow fever vectors for a period 60-180 mins.


Rosemary is commonly used to flavor dishes but its woody aroma is also effective in keeping mosquitoes, cabbage moths and carrot flies at bay. It is also great when you want to enjoy sometime around a bonfire without battling mosquitoes. Simply put some rosemary leaves in the fire and then scent it produces will keep the mosquitoes away.


They’re an easy-to-grow flower that contains thiophenes, a compound with insect repellent properties. They are very effective in deterring mosquitoes, aphids, thrips, whiteflies, Mexican bean beetles, squash bugs and tomato hornworms.

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