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Hii Style ame copy Zari! See Tiffah's Dangote's sweet pose that she has copied from her mum!

Tiffah Dangote is the First born daughter of Diamond Platinum and Zari the boss lady.

Diamond married Zari at a time Zari had just divorced her Late husband Ivan Don whom they had sired three kids with.

Zari is of Ugandan Origin. Her first husband Ivan was a Ugandan Tycoon. He used to shower people with money in charity events.

People trolled Diamond for marrying an older lady than him and for marrying a woman with kids. However love is blind and Diamond and Zari turned a blind eye on the people who were hating on them.

Actually Zari gave birth to Tiffah and even before Tiffah turned one, Zari became pregnant again with Nilan. However Diamond decided to cheat on Zari with a top Tanzania's Model called Hamisa Mobetto. Zari was so furious after she learnt that Diamond and Hamisa had even sired a son behind her back and Zari decided to let go of her relationship with Diamond.

Zari lives with all her children in Pretoria, South Africa. In total Zari has four sons and one daughter.

Zari seems to love Princess Tiffah a lot and she really loves spending more time with her. In the kitchen Tiffah is always seen helping her mother to prepare ingredients.

Tiffah has got some good dance moves and her level of confidence is just at another level. Today Zari decided to take a selfie and definitely Tiffah's pose seemed to be exactly one of Zari's poses. See the photo below.

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