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Some African Superstitions You May Need To Know

A superstition is a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation. There are supertitions all over the world but I hope they are more in Africa than in the whole Western world.

Here are some common African Superstitions you probably did not know!

1. Sweeping at night

Sweeping at night was forbidden for you would actually sweep your wealth. This is factual in a way since you could sweep away a dollar lying on the floor without noticing. In another perspective sweeping at night may raise dust which may cause sleeping difficulty hence poor health. Health is wealth.

2. Superstition of the mirror

The African mythology forbade looking in the mirror at night since one could see demons. This probably meant that at night your face may not be that appealing in the mirror at night. It is scary for sure, isn't it?

3. Superstition of infants and adolescents

The newborn were not allowed to be touched by adolescent boys or uncles except the very own father of the child. This one is sensible since in today's world touching an infant could land you in prison on sexual assault misdemeanor. The superstition forbade this because the child could develop unknown ills which could not be treated at any hospital known by the name “Shira”. The only solution to this was dark art kind of alchemy.

Thank you for reading, if it was intriguing then feel free to share your thoughts on the comments' section below.

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