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Lifestyle and Addiction

I agree with the thought that Omosh doesn't need financial aid but instead he should go to rehab first.Many people are suffering from different kinds of addiction one being lifestyle addiction and poor spending habits.

A person may take a week in our current Kenyan times to make Kshs:3000/= and spend it within hours!I believe the main reason for our poor spending habits is because money management was not taught at any level in our curriculum.It was ignored and regarded as a none issue until later in life where even the most educated with good jobs making a lot of money could not account for their spending habits.

I believe money management should be introduced at the primary or secondary level in our Kenyan education curriculum and the subject might be of great help to the most in our coming generation.However,as we wait for that there are few things i believe that we should all learn how to take charge of our finances.Yes, it is a little bit difficult to save money from your pay cheque when there is a lot of responsibilities as well as tempting activities to use the money for. But if you are going to become productive about financial freedom and success, then it is high time you start learning how to manage your finances, learning to set budgets, reviewing your monthly spending, saving for retirements and investment opportunities are few ways you can take charge of your own finances and set yourself up for financial breakthrough.

We also need to learn how to stop disrespecting money something wrong with the way we think about money or how we handle money. That has to change if we would like to have a better financial future.

Some of us disrespect money by spending everything we earn. Nobody treats any valuable treasure that way. Other people disrespect money then later they think that every rich person is a liar, a cheater and corrupt. If you believe that the rich people are bad it’s like saying you can’t be rich because nobody wants to be bad.

Some people disrespect money by not learning how it works. This is primarily the fault of our education system. Since many people goes to school and the school teaches them so many things but not how money works. This makes everyone who is at school to think that money is a simple subject which doesn’t need any education.No,money is not a simple subject. If it was simple, then everyone would have enough of it. The reason why most people don’t have money is that it is a complex subject that needs to be studied.

Another way how people disrespect money is to aim on buying the stuffs they can’t afford in order to look rich. Most people struggle how to look rich and yet they are not. Why can’t you figure out on how to be rich first, then we can buy whatever we desire in life. For anyone to have a better financial future, we have to start respecting money by avoiding the temptations of wasting it on things which don’t matter.

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Kenyan Omosh


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