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Simple Trick to Cure A Hangover Fast

Most of us have experienced hangovers from time to time and simply it is just the unpleasant feeling that occurs after excessive alcohol intake. Generally, a single drink of alcohol is sufficient to trigger a hangover for some people while others may drink as much and still escape its effects. It usually takes a few hours for these symptoms to manifest and they may include drowsiness, fatigue, thirst, light sensitivity, nauseating effect, and pounding headaches as if you were run over by a vehicle or hit hard on the head by a heavy object.

To counter this effect, a lot of people have always resorted to their mechanisms on how to deal with it. The widely known methods of curing hangover include having a drink the following morning, taking a painkiller, going back to sleep, staying hydrated e.t.c

Scientifically when we consume alcohol, our liver produces an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) that facilitates the breaking down of ethanol in alcohol to acetaldehyde so that less alcohol enters the bloodstream after which the acetaldehyde produced is then broken down to another chemical called acetate by an enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). Majorly what causes the hangover is acetate being exposed to the more powerful acetaldehyde.

Research indicates that lime juice is effective in alleviating hangovers and that Sprite is among the drinks that speed up the breakdown of acetaldehyde causing the ethanol in the alcohol to be dissociated more quickly thereby reducing it. This is because what truly causes a hangover is the process of the body breaking down the alcohol causing symptoms such as nausea and headache rather than alcohol itself.

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