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5 Phrases That Every Chronic Liar Will Use To Deceive You, Spot The Liar Today

There are chances that you probably know someone who you consider to be a liar. This person may make up large elaborate lies or may fib about small trivial details. No matter what the situation, it's hard to trust people like this. It's also hard to separate the truth from the lies. 

There are however a few key phrases that chronic Liars tend to use. Here are the five most used sentences Liars will use to get you to believe them:

 1. They use them, him/her or us more than I or me

 A study on lie detection performed by the University of Texas in Austin discovered that lies can be predicted by looking at written statements. They discovered that Liars normally use three types of sentences. They use less statements about themselves. 

2. They tell you to tell them the truth or be honest 

Liars use these phrases to reiterate the fact that what they are saying is true. Of course it's not but these two sentences may help them trick you into believing them to tell you the truth. 

3. They give you short answers, they deny the mistakes and they always have excuses 

If you ever question a lies tale he will turn defensive immediately. He or she will refuse to take any responsibility for his error and tries to justify his words or actions even if you haven't accused him or questioned his motives. They give you short answers because they're trying not to reveal too much of the truth. 

5. They give you plenty of details

 A liar normally comes prepared with a very elaborate tale. They memorize the details so that they won't get caught. So they'll be able to tell you tons of details about the story in an attempt to make it seem more realistic. They always know exactly when something happened or exactly what someone was doing. 

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