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Not Bricks, See The New And Cheap Method Of Room Partioning That Is Very Flexible.

Bricks have been used for a very long time in construction of buildings and room partioning. Their usage is however limited due to various reasons especially in room partioning. When bricks are used to partition rooms,the partioning is very permanent since bricks are held together using mortar. In case of a change in plan to redo the partioning of the rooms,it would mean destroying the entire walls and the bricks themselves when removing the mortar. Bricks also uses mortar which is a product of cement and sand that are very expensive.

A cheaper method to use when partioning is the interlocking blocks. The blocks do not require mortar to be fixed since as the name suggests,they have holes where they interlock with each other creating a firm stand and support.

Since they do not use mortar to hold them,the partioning created by these stones are very flexible and can be dismantled easily without breakages should there be a need to change the partioning of the house.

These interlocking blocks are also used to build the main walls of the house and their usage is cost effective since they require minimal to no cement and sand usage.

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