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What To Consider Before Renting House In Big Towns.

Most people in rural areas are now opting in for urban life with different reasons it might be relocation because of Job occasions , business or any other thing and therefore there is need to find a nice place to stay in .

It is usually stressful to find a good rental house that will cater for all your basic needs .

Professions needs a peaceful environment that can result in success.

Before moving to a residential house in any town here are the factors to consider ;

1. Security and Electricity

Your security is more than important not only for yourself but also to the whole community .

So when choosing a Rental house ensure its is safe and secure , well equipped with with surveillance cameras and safety equipments such as fire extinguishers.

There should also be a steady electric power that is well maintained not leaving behind backup sollars or generators.

2. Building layout

How is the building designed ? Does it suits you? You need to know the current maintenance of the building you are about to rent , the number of rooms in it.

Walk throughout the building to notice some past activities in it .

3. Water 💦

Water is essential to all living things so water should be highly supplied in the building if possible there should be a steady flow of water within the residential compound.

Know also alternative ways how people staying there gets water .

4. Wash rooms

Every human do excreate and also need to refresh. And therefore toilets and bathrooms should be available inside the building and also outside the building . Check also if it is good for your health .

5. Serenity .

How peaceful is that place? Most people needs a peaceful place to relax in after work .

For instance Doctors, teacher etc need a calm environment .

A good residential place should not have noisy elements.

6. Type of poeple currently staying in that place.

Is the residential housing mostly compus/ college students or working class?

In an environment where compus / college students are in , most likely there is no peace in that place .

For a working class birds of the same feathers flock together. Look for a place that contains mostly employed or Self employed persons.

7. Dumping site.

A stressful thing in most towns is where to dump you garbage. Ensure that there is a parament site within the compound that is well maintained for dumping.

8. Income level

You income determines the type of rental house you should opt for .

Go for a pocket friendly rental house .

And those are the eight basics to consider.

Content created and supplied by: dickenskenya (via Opera News )

Security and Electricity


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