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How to prevent being robbed and conned while travelling

Have you ever been conned while traveling? Before the Kamisi industry fell I was traveling to western one time. Back then when I would take buses from Country Bus station. Back then when the transport industry was full of slimy sloths. You know where your luggage would be taken to different buses? A suitcase would be on a bus to Migori, another bag on a bus to Kakamega, while the children would be taken to the bus to Kisumu. Woe unto you if you chose to travel around the festive season. Getting onto the bus was the proverbial camel getting through the eye of a needle. You needed to have had some gymnastic lessons or have the powers of a contortionist to get onto a bus. The funny thing is that you would get in through the window, get a seat while members of your family were on another bus.

 Being in this place was like a walk down the streets of Colombia. It could easily have made the 1000 ways to die. By the way public toilets in this place were a no go zone. Scores of people, and I mean a lot of people got mugged inside those toilets. Did you know the place used to be called Machakos Airport?

So I called the seller, nikaona nikaangalia nikapenda. I love a good bargain. You should have seen me haggling with the "seller!"  Then I decided to buy, not one , but, two kamisis. white and black, nice cotton with what I thought to be the most beautiful lace. Nikafungiwa kwa gazeti. We exchanged hands, me giving my money, him handing in my purchase. Man! When I tried palpating the gazeti it felt too smooth to be the petticoat, yes that's the English name for it. It was neither a coat nor petty. It was too smooth on touch but I withheld my excitement ya nguo mpya until I reached my destination. 

Father lawd! There were premium tears. I kept on opening and opening the newspapers that were rolled up until I had nothing. Nothing I tell you. Of course, later I learned that when you bought something from those guys, the package should come unwrapped.

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