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6 Signs You Have An Intimidating Personality

People who have a strong personality can make people around them feel nervous, especially those who have a weak personality. They are stable and so sure of themselves that it makes insecure people around them uncomfortable. But there's nothing wrong with wanting to take full control of your life. You don't have to worry about coming off as overly dominant. The fact that you have taken full control of your life, it means that you are not living from the sidelines. A strong person always wants to be in the game and manipulate the outcome of their own life. It's very okay, and that's something you should never apologize for.

So how do you know if you have this kind of personality? That you are not content with following the herd and rolling with the punches? Here are a few signs that you have an alpha personality and easily intimidate the people around you.

1. You hate small talk. You find it pointless waste your breath on someone who just isn't that important to you. When you are forced to have a conversation with someone whom you feel like you would never be able to learn anything, you choose to just sit in silence.

2. Excuses and alibis do not impress you at all. You are a no-nonsense type of individual and when people fail a lot of times, you want them to own up to their shortcomings.

3. You are very selective of the people you choose to socialize with. Whenever people come into your life, you devote your time and energy to those relationships that add value to your life. You keep in mind that there are toxic people out there that you do not want to associate with.

4. You just have no tolerance for people who are comfortable with where they are in life. People who are reluctant to learn and grow.

5. You make zero effort in trying to gain other people's attention. It's always about you and doing your own thing to live up to your standards. You always just match to the beat of your drum, and you care less about the people watching as long you believe that what you are doing is right.

6. You are very open-minded and a great listener. You live by your own principles and at the same time you are humble enough to know that there's always room for improvement. You are open to the opinions of others and interested in learning from them.

Do you have all these traits? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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