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Have You Ever Noticed a Tiny Hole On Elevator Doors? See Its Role

For the few who have encountered an elevator, hopingly you have noticed a tiny hole at most of their doors. The hole is not there for beauty or to make the elevator look attractive. It is there for a reason that you need to know. Every hole you see anywhere, it's there for a reason therefore trying trying block or play with it will have yourself hurting. See it's role.

The hole is meant for a key that will enable access during emergencies. Emergencies do occur when someone is in the elevator. When not responded to quickly, it might result result suffocation. Elevators use electricity which is prone to going off. When people are inside, they could suffocate as the gas content is very small. The hole will allow rescue of the users upon blackout when the key is placed through.

It allows access during maintenance and inspection. Elevators are pulley systems that needs services like oiling, greasing and repairs for efficiency. The holes allow access to the various parts and you'll notice the holes written notes denying access. Don't fill the hole with anything. Juts let it stay way you found it.

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