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How to Build a 3 Bedroom House With Less Than Ksh 2.5 Million In Kenya

Many people are struggling to put up a house they will call home due to financial constraints. But do you know that you can build your dream 3 bedroom bungalow with just less that 2.5 million?

The cost of building a Bungalow in Kenya varies depending on many factors such as typography of the land, size of building, quality of the finishes, and house features. However, it is important to understand that to get the accurate estimate of the total cost of your house project hire a quantity surveyors.

According to Peter Gitau, a real estate developer you can build your three bedroom bungalow with just Ksh. 2.4 million shillings. He breakdown the cost follows excluding the land.

When it comes to planning approvals and amenities connections paper works the cost will be Ksh.150,000, architect and engineering 200,000, building stones 350,000, roof and ceiling 400,000, sand 100,000, ballast 100,000, cement 60,000, plumbing 150,000, electrical connection 150,000, windows and doors 80,000, interior amenities such as kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes 150,000, painting 120,000, labour 300,000, landscaping and general finishing 100,000, and walling Ksh. 150,000.

For you to achieve all this it is always advised to buy materials without involving anyone.

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