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4 Design Tips For Your Dream Living Room

Often considered a key room of the house, the living room can embody everything you strive for in your home decor, design ideas and personal taste. For this reason people tend to find that it's of the utmost importance to perfect their living room and make it a true representation of their home and their personality.

If this applies to you, then you might want to consider some basic tips and tricks to get the most out of your living room ideas. Here are five ideas to spice up the room and make the image in your head a little bid closer to reality.

1.Plan ahead. One incredibly common mistake is not to dedicate enough time to planning the layout of your design. However, planning is the absolute key to success when it comes to home design. A helpful way to go about this is to consider different viewpoint. Don't picture the design from one angle. Try looking at it from from the centre, the sides, the corners and off in the distance. This will allow you to get a clear image of what the decor will look like.

2.Choose the perfect sofa. The sofa is the star of the living room, so it stands to reason that the perfect living room begins and ends with the perfect sofa. However, don't let yourself get attached to a specific old sofa if it won't work with your dream design.

3.View your living room as a blank slate. Attempting to force your design to conform to a sofa that isn't right for your vision is a recipe for disaster. Therefore it is important to view everything with fresh eyes and open mind. Only then you can truly achieve everything you want out of your home decor.

4.Artwork. Spend some serious time on considering what artwork you might like to incorporate into your living room. This also involves making sure to hang your art in a way that is proportional to the room's width and height to not throw off the symmetry of the whole room. You will also want to be sure to select artwork in keeping with the mood and atmosphere of the rest of the living room's design.

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