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How To Keep Away Rats From Your House

Rats are harmful tiny rodents which can cause alot of damage once they find their way inside your house. You may get shocked to find your expensive clothes eaten leave alone utensils. Sometimes doing away with them can be hard because finding them in their dark and small hiding places can be very hectic. I have come up with the best natural ways which i have used practically, let's look at them one by one as listed below;

1. Onions

Apart from treating sore throat and coughs, it's unbelievable that onions can also help you keep away these small animals. Just the way most of us hates the smell of onions, rats too doesn't take this smell friendly to them. Just place cut onions oftenly around hidden places and that will keep them away.

2. Hot Finger Pepper

This is one of the best ways. Just place hot finger pepper around places you think they hide in and they will vacate your house without you noticing.

3. Sprinkle Potatoes Powder

This is not hard to make as it sounds, involves very easy steps to come up with. Just peel off some potatoes, 3 or 4 and blend them into softer and powdery particles. The next step is to sun dry them to keep away moisture from them. Sprinkle the powder around their hiding places around the house. The rodents will eat them instantly which will in turn kill them by swelling up their intestines. That's all you need to do, you don't need to buy poisons to kill them which might be very dangerous mostly if you have small kids and pets around the house.

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Hot Finger Pepper Onions


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