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Best crops to plant during rainy seasons

Sweet papers

This is one of the best crop to plant during rainy season. It has so many varieties such as cubanelle, Californiania wonder 300, purple beauty etc. It is not difficult to grow and takes approximately 90 days to harvest after planting.


Tomato is one of the plant that does well during rainy season. It is rich in vitamin c and increase immunity. There are different types of tomatoes such as Roma and Calypso tomatoes.


Ochroes like well-draining, rich soil and frequent watering. The first harvest is ready about two months after planting. They should not be left for a long time on the tree because they may get too hard for cooking.


Grow better in evenly moist fertile soil. It thrive in small space because of their climbing abilities. They can be grown in containers.

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Californiania Calypso Roma Tomato


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